Recycling and Rubbish in West Hampstead and Camden

Recycling and rubbish disposal is a complicated business!  Everywhere seems to have a different system and a different set of rules! In WHAT, we want to keep West Hampstead looking good and we get upset when we see rubbish spread all over the streets.

Often, if you move to an area, you don’t know how the local system works. So we’ve written a short guide for anyone who is new to West Hampstead or to anywhere in the London Borough of Camden.  Note that the system for Camden council estates is different and we haven’t covered them here. The system may also be slightly different if you live in a large block of flats with communal rubbish and recycling facilities.

The system is the same if you move somewhere else in Camden Borough, but it will be different if you move to another borough. So you need to check which Borough you live in too! Check

The really important thing is to know which day your rubbish and recycling is collected.  Please don’t put it out on any other day!  Please put your address into this link to check.

If you are moving in or out of your home and you have a mountain of stuff to get rid of, you can use the special waste collections as explained in the leaflet. PLEASE don’t just dump stuff in the street and hope that it will be collected – it won’t be!

If you don’t understand anything about the system, pleasefeel free to contact us.

Here is the leaflet to download:

We’ve also written a guide to reducing your use of plastic:

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