Guide to Recycling and Rubbish

Recycling and rubbish disposal is a complicated business! Everywhere seems to have a different system and a different set of rules! In WHAT, we want to keep West Hampstead looking good and we get upset when we see rubbish spread all over the streets. Often, if you move to an area, you don’t know how the local system works.

So we’ve written a brief guide for anyone who is new to West Hampstead or to anywhere in the London Borough of Camden. Note that the system for Council estates is different and we haven’t coverered here (yet).

Managing your Recycling and Rubbish


Check the Camden website for the your day for kerbside rubbish and recycling collection.

Recycling (green bin) and food waste (brown caddy) are collected every week.

Non-recylable rubbish, in many streets, is only a collected once every two weeks. It’s very important to know which day that is, so that you don’t leave smelly rubbish out for too long.

Bins should be put out:

  • by 7a.m on your collection day (amend as appropriate)


Your green bin is for paper, glass, metal containers, plastic containers. The attached leaflet explains what is accepted and what is not.

Your black bin (or orange/black bag) is for non recyclable rubbish.

Your food waste caddy is for unused food and scraps.


Recycling and waste containers should be placed within one metre of your property entrance.

  • They can be left out overnight BUT should not be left permanently or long term on pavements.
  • Your recycling and rubbish should not overflow from containers

Need help putting your bins out?

If health issues regularly prevent you moving your bins, please email or call us on 020 3567 8105 to see if they can help.


Bulky waste items

Book a collection by calling 020 3567 8105. Costs are:

  • £10 for 1 or 2 large electrical items; £25 for 1 to 5 items (or up to 20 black bags)
  • £50 for 6 to 10 items (or up to 40 black bags); £75 for 11 to 15 items (or up to 60 black bags)
  • Camden residents aged 65 and over, or receiving the maximum Council Tax Reduction can have 2 free collections a year
  • Alternatively – take your bulky waste to Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre NW5 3EW (

Small electricals and batteries: See Camden’s website (  for where these can be taken.

For collection with other recycling (from houses or converted houses) call Veolia on 0203 567 8105 or email

Nappies: call Veolia on 0203 567 8105 to check eligibility.

Garden waste collection: you can subscribe for 9 months (April – November) or 12 months. Contact Veolia.

Other recycling: for more information on what you can recycle and where (including public recycling points) see  This covers electrical and electronic items; plastics; clothes, shoes and textiles; light bulbs; foil; wood and household batteries.


You can use Camden’s website to order replacement bins and caddies or contact Veolia to discuss alternatives.

  REMEMBER: Fines for flytipping are up to £400 (or £1000 for large hazardous items) and £100 for littering, including cigarette butts.  Camden issued 114 fixed penalty notices, 945 statutory notices and 16 successful prosecutions for waste offences in 2018/19 (insert up dated figures).